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Ensuring Our Principal's Interests & Requirements

Assisting Ship Charterers
  • Pre-arrival formalities - ensuring all vessel requirements

  • Fulfill all necessary arrangements when vessel proceeding to one of the local terminals e.g. (pilots, tugs, lines, etc..)

  • Clearance process in/out port and terminals

  • Liaise with port and terminals to achieve vessel quick turnaround.

  • Close communication with all parties involved in the operation (cargo terminal, stevedores, surveyors, etc.)

  • Pre-funding arrangements with supported disbursement accounts

Assisting Ship Owners
  • Husbandry service in general; crew change, air freights clearance and delivery, freshwater supply, COVID test.

  • Keep Master informed of requirements and regulations.

  • Inform Master of the planned activities.

  • Keep suppliers and vendors duly advised and provide assistance when required.

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