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High-Quality Services from Crew Changes to Logistics

  • Wide assortment of modern air-conditioned crew transport vehicles

  • Covered trucks and vans for transporting all size/weight ship's spares

  • Professionally operated launch services

  • First-class covered bonded storages

  • Special trained and insured casual labor

Crew Matters
  • Crew changes

  • Delivery of freshwater, provisioning and stores

  • Covid testing, Medical assistance / evacuations

  • Immigration, visas and permits

  • Security escort services

  • Courier services 

  • Garbage collection/disposal services

Crew matters
  • Slops removal

  • Bunker and cargo surveys

  • Safety inspections

  • Bunker and lube oil sampling

  • Dispatching, fuel barge deliveries

  • Clearing, storage and tracking of ship's parts

  • Ship repairs and shore assistance

  • Underwater hull cleaning

  • Supply service boats with lifting capacity

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